Be an Internet Celeb

Ever wanted to be a radio star?

Well now is the time! There are different sorts of software which will allow you to create an online radio station.

I’ll briefly explain one.. Nullsoft shoutcast. Why this package? Simply because it’s free and I am cheap ;-)..

So… Shoutcast, this is a cross platform (yes ladies and gentlemen.. Cross platform!) software which allows you to stream media over the internet. This software allows you to stream digital content like MP3.

As with many types of software shoutcast works with a client/server model. Both use the HTTP protocol to exchange data.

Shoutcast works amazingly well and is rather easy to use.
The broadcasting of your radio consist of 3 stages.
The first one is you… You mix whatever you want to shout online (voice, music, loud farts, whatever). This data is converted into a stream.
Stage 2 is the server, the shoutcast server will receive the stream and will distribute it to (stage 3) the listener.
Anyone in the world can connect to your radio station (so please be a bit mindful with what you put online).

What you do have to keep in mind is that you will stream data over the internet. So you will use bandwidth!. If you only have a limited amount of traffic you can “use” per month, this might be a problem.
Just keep this in mind.

Now you can live the dream! Set up your radio station and let me know how I can find you. I’ll be sure to listen!

Oh it may also be handy to know where to find it:

Have fun!


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