Another invasion on your privacy

Today I would like to say a few words about the phenomenon dropbox.

You may have heard of this, but it may have not been so clear what it actually does.
So here goes…

Dropbox is a file hosting website. So to speak. It allows you to upload documents, pictures, whatever you like and share it with other people.
Similar to facebook and twitter like things you can pick which people you grant access.

In other words it’s a big shared drive on the internet.

This “tool” works with synchronization. Meaning, that you have a folder on your computer that will be uploaded to the internet. This also works the other way around.
Whenever someone, who is allowed to see and edit your online folder, uploads a file, it will be downloaded to your computer.
It will be “synced”.

There even is some sort of versioning embedded in dropbox. Which is available for, I believe, 30 days.
So in case you are a weirdo like me and you write a script and upload it, this script will be available on your “dropbox”. If you accidentally delete part of the script and save it you’ll probably get a small heart-attack.. However, no worries, with dropbox you can recover an older version of your script.

As with most products these days, you’ve got free accounts and paying accounts. It’s up to you to decide for what you want to use this.

If you ask me, this works rather well. Give it a try sometime!


In case you have questions, just drop a comment…


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