Breaching your own security

Did you ever forget the password of your e-mail account because you allowed your browser to save it? That’s kind of a bummer ain’t it? Specially when you need to log on to your e-mail account on a different location.

Fear not! There are ways to recover your password without resetting it. The only prerequisite is that you are (and I really hope you are) using firefox!

Open up firefox and select extra/options. Open the security tab and press the button “Saved passwords…”

In the right hand, bottom cornor, you’ll find a button which says “show passwords”. You’ll get a warning when you click it, click yes.

Tadaaaa, all your passwords are now shown in clear text. Write them down and disable this option again.

Use this with caution though!

I’m using firefox 4 for this tutorial by the way

Good Luck!


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