Hail to the king babeh!

What to do on a lazy sunday noon…

Blogging about Duke Nukem forever wearing nothing but an underpants…. (I can only imagine how many people now get an “EEEEEWWWWW”-mental picture, well don’t worry I’m only kidding about the underpants)…

12 years after Duke Nukem forever was announced it will be finally released this year (10th of june if I’m not mistaking)!
For those who have been living on mars for the last 20 years (or for those who actually have a life -_-‘). This is what the original Duke Nukem 3D looked like (there were also a few 2D games if i’m not mistaking).

It caused quit some fuzz in those days. Because this game contained quit a lot of “nudity”. The truth is that the graphics were still so blurry that I really cannot understand that anyone could be upset by this.. But that’s probably me ;-).

After years of yessing and noing. There was finally a producer found who was willing to create this game.
The result should look a little like this:

Since I’m one of the people that played the original game, I’m really looking forward to the new version.



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