There is a lot going on lately about smartphones running on Android. I myself only had a vague idea of that was so different and special about this Android thing. So I started looking for some answers, allow me to share them with you.

For starters, let’s make this one clear for once and for all. Android is not, as you may have expected, not some sort of hardware or tool. It is an operating system for smart phones. Basically a “light” version of the linux kernel.
So yes, indeed, it is open source. Means that most of the things could be customized if you really want that. But not only that, it also is fairly simple to create your own application (admitted, you’ll have to be a little more advanced than the average computer user).

Android is, by the way, owned by google. The Android company was bought by google in 2005. The first phone to run on Android wasn’t available up until October 21th, 2008.

That being said, it should have hit you by now. Smartphones running on Android are a lot cheaper than for example iPhones which are running on the iOS. Perhaps another idea came to mind… Android is only for geeks and professional IT users.
Well, no… if you want to start developing your own applications, agreed, as said before you will need a certain level of skill.
But if you just want to use this device as a phone (like normale people do ;-)) there shouldn’t be a worry on your mind. It works rather well and intuitive.
For those who are not able to write their own application. Don’t worry, there are lots of apps which are available for download.

Important to know is that Android will not look the same on every smartphone. Some hardware manufacturers like to put their own user interface over the Android operating system. Is that a bad thing? I honestly don’t know, it could be when it’s done wrong ;-).
In case you are looking for a smartphone which is running Android pure and clean. Look for the brand NEXUS. No additional customizations where done to the OS running on this phone.

More obvious stuff to get out of the way. Android is a substitute OS, if you will. So yes, it can basically do the same as any iPhone would be able to do.
In other words, yes it can play music, videos, show pictures and also call people and send text messages ;-).
There are regular updates of the Android OS. As you know apple prefers to give their OS animal names. Android likes to give the updates names of dessert (I kid you not). The first update was called cupcake and the latest 2 releases where named Gingerbread and Honeycomb.
Each update will contain bugfixes and new features (that is the basic defition of an update.. no?)

There you go, no salesman will every blow you out of your socks again when it comes to phones!


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