The love manual

Love… Being in love… Perhaps 3 of the most magical and mystical words every pronounced by mankind.

Ask 10 different people to define “being in love” and you will end up with 10 different definitions. We all claim to have experienced it yet time and time again we fail to explain what it is.

I ask myself often how I should define being in love. How do we know that we are in love? Because of the impulses that our bodies give us? Because we feel light headed and have a strange feeling in our stomachs? Or is it just because we feel good around someone else, we have the feeling that another person completes us.

How do we fall in love? I’m sure there are a lot of scientific explainations why we fall in love. But the very essence of falling in love, what triggers it. Seems to be impossible to understand.
You don’t have to believe me but think about, you sometimes see the strangest couples. Those people from which you ask yourself, how can that possibly work? And yet… they are happy. They are in love.

As for myself, those times that I think about it. I also fail to understand. Sometimes I feel so hollow, so empty, that I simply am unable to understand why people fall in love. How it happens. It will probably forever remain a mystery to me.
Not only because I sometimes just seem to lack the feelings but also because of the things that are happening around me.
If people claim to be in love, why do they hurt each other so often. Is it just a game for some?
I always imagined it to be special and unique. Something that creates bonds, something pure and true. It shouldn’t destroy people. But it does seem that love is and will forever remain a losing game.

Why does it have to be so hard. Can’t they just deliver it with a manual?


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