It happens, that for some reason your house or neighbourhood suffers from power loss.
Unless you are working with a laptop, you computer will, ofcourse, shut down as well.
Because, maybe you’ve heard, it runs on electricity *har har*.

This still ain’t that bad, the worst thing that could possible happen is that you’ve lost some data because you forgot to click save.

However, when you have a server running or you use your computer as a server. It might be a serious problem.

You want to avoid the loss of data at any time.
That is why some clever folks invented something that will help you in your noble cause to save all data properly.

A UPS. Not only an around the world, around the clock delivery service but also a piece of hardware which you can plug in between your computer and the powergrid.
It gives you what it promises… Uninterruptible Power Supply

It basically is a large battery which keeps your computer or server up and running for a short amount of time.
Just enough so you can properly shutdown your system or for the backup power unit to get online.

It’s as simple as that, no more data loss because of power loss!

As I told you before, a power supply of a computer is rather sensitive to power fluctuations. If you’re using a UPS this problem is solved as well. The truth is, when you are working on a power grid which is not stable or stable enough, a UPS can actually save your computer.

Now you know another great piece of equipment to save your precious data. And to amaze your girlfriend at dinner with your huge knowledge of computer technology…
This will undoubtedly turn her on.. .*ahem*

You also have fancy ones these days.. :o


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