Linux Sharing

It doesn’t really happen this often that I write about Linux. Simply because I don’t get too many questions about it.
Which is normal I guess, overall the most commonly used OS is Windows.

However today I’d like to explain to you how you can connect a linux machine to a windows share. In order to exchange files between the computers.
It is a very common task, yet most people seem to get lost in the jungle of icons and commands.

There are 3 very simple ways (without using the terminal!)..

The first option:

There is a shortcut defined in linux which allows you to run an application similar from the way you would do it in windows (start >> run).
If you press alt + F2 the Run Application window will pop up. Here you can type the command to run the application.

Now if you want to connect to a windows share you’ll need to define a link in this case.
Most commonly you’ll be using a samba share. The link looks like this:


Other options are ssh, ftp, sftp, http, https.

Once the connection is made you’ll need to enter a password.

Option 2:

You can do about the same thing from the GUI. Click on places and select the option “Connect to Server”

A more detailed version of the run application window now opens. Select to which share you would like to connect and enter all the required information.
Hit connect when you are done and the connection will be made as well.
Many people prefer this option simply because it is the easiest way.

Option 3:

Right Click the menu bar and select Add to Panel. In the windows that pops up, search for connect. In the list below, select connect to server. Now you will have an extra icon in your taskbar for fast sharing access…

Make shares not war!


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