The iPhone drama

As many other people I own an iPhone. Besides for the fact that an iPhone has got to be linked to iTunes I really love this device. It has tons of features and a gazillion apps available.
But if you own a phone like this you will probably have noticed that the battery sometimes lacks a bit.

So here are a few tips to extend your battery life.

  • The first one is rather obvious… Reduce the brightness of your screen. Is it really needed to run around with a torch all day?
  • The next one is also rather logical. Keep your iPhone out of hot places. Don’t worry if you have it in your pocket but try not to store it in a hot car .. or the oven.. Heat kills batteries way faster than normal.
  • Allow your iPhone to switch to standby quickly. Set the screen lock to 2 minutes or so.
  • 3G is great when you need it but, strangely enough, it requires more battery life. I don’t know why.. It just is.. So try to use WiFi whenever you can
  • Another good one is to reduce the e-mail/calendar checking on your iPhone. Your phone will regualry check for new e-mail via WiFi or 3G. Whatever is available.
    Reduce the sync time and you’ll spare battery
  • Reduce or disable push messages. Some apps will send you a message every now and then. Shut them off to be less annoyed and to gain battery life.
    Do the same for location services if you don’t need them
  • If you really want to push it over the top, disable the sound on your iPhone. I know.. I know..
  • Same goes for bluetooth, if you don’t use it. Shut it off, this one is a real battery killer
  • The last one is also very important and not so different from any other battery operated device. Try to discharge and charge your battery regulary.

This should set you up for some more iPhoneing!



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