About Shortcuts

It seems to me that more and more people are forced to use computers in their professional lives. Even when you practise a professions that does not require any technical background, you will still be forced to send a regular e-mail or to use a cash register.

Most people also don’t mind since in their personal life they also start using computer more often. Think about online shopping, mailing, VoIP, … .

And after a while you’ll get the hang of it. Computers are hard at all.Once you come at this point, it is time to start working efficiently with your computer. Don’t waste time searching for every option in every application or using the mouse to direct a command you will have to execute 50 times in a row.

You will work a lot faster if you make use of keyboard shortcuts. The combination of keystrokes to perform an action. Some of them are “universal” others are OS/Program specific.
Here’s a list:


  • ctrl + C : Copy
  • ctrl + V : Paste
  • ctrl + X : Cut
  • ctrl + Z : Undo
  • ctrl + A : Select all
  • alt + F4 : close/shutdown
  • alt + tab : switch between programs (this works for most OS)
  • alt + Printscreen : take a screenshot of the active window
  • F1 : Help!

Windows Specific

  • Windows Key + D : Show the Desktop
  • Windows Key + M : Minimize everything (and yes there is a different with previous entry)
  • Windows Key + Shift + M : Un-minimize everything
  • Windows Key + E : Open Windows Explorer
  • Windows Key + F : Search for file or folder
  • Windows Key + R : Open the RUN dialog box
  • Windows Key + Tab : Cycle through programs (something similar to alt + tab)
  • alt + shift + escape : Open task manager
  • Hit shift 5 times : turn sticky keys on/off

Program Specific
This will work also in most programs

  • ctrl + P : Print
  • ctrl + O : Open
  • ctrl + N : New
  • ctrl + S : Save
  • ctrl + B : Set text format bold
  • ctrl + I : set text format italic
  • ctrl + U : set text format underline
  • ctrl + F : Find in document
  • ctrl + R : Replace
  • ctrl + W : Close current window

These are the most commonly used. I’m well aware that there are lots and lots and lots more shortcuts. But trust me, the ones listed above are those you will used most frequently.

Good luck!


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