Multiple Gmail Sessions

Do you have multiple Gmail accounts? It almost speaks for itself that I do. The only problem with the accounts is that I sometimes need to open 2 gmail accounts in 1 browser session (I’m on the road a lot so I don’t always have the luxury to configure a mail client).

That don’t work so well. Until I noticed following:

  • surf to
  • login
  • You are now on your public profile. Notice there is an option MULTIPLE SIGN IN. By default is says OFF change it to ON
  • The thing you need to do is check all the checkboxes that are now shown. Like this you accept the limitation this multiple logon system implies.
  • Save the change
  • Repeat for each google account

You now can open multiple sessions in 1 browser.

And I know, and your probably right… Why should anyone have more then 1 e-mail address.
Well, you know.. it just happens ;-).


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