Who said math isn’t fun?

Yesterday, a friend of mine came along and he asked me if I could help him to create something in excel to keep track of his planning and his working hours.

So okay, that’s what I did. I made him something to keep track of his working hours vs his overtime. But most of the time, when we get together and do something we end up doing strange or “beyond normal” things. The situation always derails for some reason (in a good way)…

Yesterday was no different, in a nerdish way. Since we lacked excel, we were using OpenOffice Calc. It’s equally as good for the thing we needed it for.
So I was writing some formulas and my friend was googling, suddenly he goes: “EY LOOK AT THIS!”. It appears that there are some very strange easter eggs hidden in excel.
Excel 97 for example has a hidden flight simulator o_O…

So we figured… hmmmmm… Maybe openoffice…?

And guess what! :D

What you do…

Open OpenOffice Calc, double click any cell and enter the code =GAME(“StarWars”) and hit enter (it’s case sensitive so do mind you type StarWars and not starwars). This is the result:

If you close the game, and retype the code. You’ll get the message “Oh No, not again!”. If you want to replay the game (I really wouldn’t know why, but who am I to judge), you’ll need to close OpenOffice entirely and start over.

Some other easter eggs. Enter one of following codes in a cell:

  • =GAME(“Froggie”)
    (frogger, indeed :’))
  • =GAME(A2:C4;”TicTacToe”)
    (this will allow you to play tic-tac-toe in cell-range A2 to A4)
  • =ANTWORT(“Das Leben, das Universum und der ganze Rest”)
    (I haven’t got the slightest clue why it’s in german, anyhew, this will result in the number 42 from the Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy)
    (you can figure this one out by yourself)
  • =TTT()
    (returns a random smiley)

In case you wondered… We managed to finish the spreadsheet and now he can track his work hours in a very easy way! :D


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