As some of you know I sometimes really am a dark person. Sometimes I just am unable to see the good things in life.
Because at those times I feel alone and misjudged. It seems that no one in this world seems to understand what I am saying and feeling.
When it is a day like that I always start nagging myself to some people (the irony). And in the end I really don’t feel better.

I still feel alone and crushed. As if I don’t know any person or don’t have any friends.
And it was only a few days a go that it hit me that I was actually quite stupid (which probably everyone had already figured out by now ;-)).

It is not so that I’m alone… On the contrary, I know lots of people and I have a few very, very good friends who respect me and love me for who I am.
And they do actually listen to me! All the time (who else would I nag at when I have one of those days)!

Everyone is constantly wondering about the meaning of life. As am I. And probably are you.
No one knows (nope not even me ;-)). If I knew I would tell you immediately (and I would probably get freshly pressed instantly ;-)).

But if I had to make a guess, it would be following.
The meaning of life, is… well.. simply life itself. What you make of it and what you do with it. You need to give meaning to your life.

Your life was, in my humble opinion, very meaningful if you’ve spend it with a few people that love you and you love as well. If your able to share a laugh and a cry, joy and grief, hope and despair with these people. To know that there is always someone there for you, someone that will always stand by you and love you no matter what (friends, family, lover, colleagues).

Isn’t that the greatest “meaning” of all? Because it doesn’t matter what will happen in the future. You will alw

ays have someone to lean on!
And I am very sure there is at least someone that feels that way for you as well.

So if you are down or upset. Remember this. It really ain’t that bad ;-)… Go lean or cry upon one of those shoulders you get so often offered and you will no longer find yourself walking alone.

Just remember to return the favour every now and then…


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