Talk Tech to Tech Talk

I often get people on the line that ask me to fix their computer or a computer issue. And, nice guy as I am, try to help them out as best as I can. In order to do so I always ask them a few questions, just so I know what is going on. So I at least know where to start.

You haven’t got the faintest idea the replies I get to the question “What did you do when it went wrong?”

  • Nothing, it just doesn’t work
  • It did that by itself
  • I don’t know
  • I didn’t touch anything

This really doesn’t help. I understand that not everyone is tech minded but even if you are not, you should at least be able to tell the person which agrees to fix your computer what you did.
So here are a few guidelines about how to talk to tech support (so a helpdesk, technician, etc).

It may be handy to make a small list in advance with following information:

  • Which problem do you have? With which program?
  • What is the EXACT error message?
  • If there is not error message, what were you doing when it happened (once again, please don’t reply with “nothing”)
  • When did the problem first occur? Just now? Has it been happening more often?
  • Did anything change on your computer recently (New hardware? RAM for example? New software installed? An update of some kind)

Once you got that pick up the phone and call your friendly neighbourhood technician or tech-dude. And explain your problem. Make sure that you communicate clearly, don’t say random facts. Tell the technician a story. This person is not retarded but you cannot expect him or her to know you situation. The technician will have no idea what type of computer you have and which OS you are using. Make sure you give the required facts.

It’s also nice you don’t get emotional. I understand that there are 10000 irreplaceable pictures on your computer. But we’ll work it out, you’ll just have to be a little patient. The person that will fix your computer will do his or her best to help you as good as possible. Crying, yelling, shouting, threatening or telling that you know where his children live won’t work.. Trust me.

Follow these simple guidelines and your problems will be fixed in no time. And your tech-dude will keep loving you!


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