King of My Castle

That’s it! I’m sick of it! No more pushing me around, being invisible, letting others “get to me”.
No more nagging, whining, complaining. As from today I will write my own law which I will live by ’till the day I die.

  1. Live your life at fullest. Don’t let anyone get in the way of your dreams
  2. Never go down without a fight
  3. If you have to go down, do it with style
  4. Respect and love your friends truthfully and forever
  5. Respect yourself
  6. Be honest and caring
  7. Stay calm at all times so you can make the difference
  8. Your house is your home, your castle, live in it like a king
  9. Don’t force your opinion on others, but stick with what you believe
  10. Stay yourself at all times

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