Key Under the Doormat

I imagine that you have password protected your computer. And you should too! Specially when you travel arount with your laptop. You never know who tries to access your data.
But did you ever loose your password? It really is a pain. No worries however! If you are a windows user, there is something you can do to prevent this.

In order to complete this task you must be running Windows XP, Vista or 7. I’ll explain you for windows XP (it’s very similar in Vista and 7).

Now If you have configured you password, grab a USB stick and do the following:

  1. Click start >> control panel
  2. Click the User Accounts link or switch to classic view and open User Accounts
  3. Pick the user account which you wish to backup the password from
  4. Now look in the top left of your screen. You’ll see a section that says “Related Tasks”. Click the link “Prevent a forgotten password”
  5. Now before you are able to continue, you will need to make sure a “removeable disk” is plugged in. Which means, pop in your USB drive. If you now click the prevent a forgotten password link again you’ll see a wizard
  6. Click Next, Next
  7. Enter your password and click next
  8. When the progress bar says 100% complete click next
  9. And finally click finish

Now if you come home drunk and completely wasted one evening and you are unable to recall your password. Just pop in the USB drive et voila…
By the way, even if you have changed your password and haven’t updated your USB stick, the password recovery tool will still work!



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