The Moments That I Am At My Darkest

More and more often it comes to my attention that people (including myself!) are having a lot more trouble being happy with themselves, their lives, how things are going.
We always say “It was a lot better in the old days!”. For a long time I figured that this statement was just plain ridiculous. Consider this, we are connected to the entire world, we can see places all round the globe with just a few clicks, health care has never been better, common tasks are a lot easier now than they used to be in “the good old days” and yet… For some reason it starts to make more sense. The good old days were indeed good maybe even better.

People had less of everything. Also less worries… Now don’t get me wrong, people had worries and problems as well. But it seems that all the problems and issues we are facing now are just so much bigger.
We have everything in the world we could ever wish for and yet we constantly nag around about the tiniest things.

This is not criticism by the way because I really consider myself as being on of those people. I honestly have everything I could wish for but still I always find something stupid that doesn’t quite is the way I want it to be and it just ruins my day.

Now isn’t that a bit sad? Wouldn’t it be a lot easier and wouldn’t we be a lot happier if we wouldn’t make eveything so endlessly complex?

Let me give you a small example of one of the things that bother me (here we go, you see, I told you so!).
People who love each other, get in a relationship and years ago it used to be “normal” to see each other every day or as much as possible. Why? Well, because those 2 people just loved each other very much. They wanted to be together and live their lives as one.
lately all I hear is people who want to be in a relationship but still want to be free. Who want to see the other person what they have time to see the other person, when they feel like seeing the other person.
You don’t need to lock eachother up in a relationship, I’m very aware of that, but what the hell is this “being together when it fits me” attitude?

I assume that you get the point and in a way can agree with me. It just seems that everything used to be a lot easier.

This darkness that seems to be spreading is bothersome and I would like to get a way to get over it. I would like to have the magic formula which allows me to wake up each morning with a feeling of being reborn again. The feeling of being perfectly happy and that nothing will get in my way.

Maybe you don’t agree with me or you do have this magical formula (please please please share!). But this is just how I feel about the entire subject and I’m afraid that all too many people agree with me.

Yet, we can change this. We can change ourselves and the world. This can be a better and nicer place for every single person that is walking this floating globe…


One thought on “The Moments That I Am At My Darkest

  1. I kind off understand your story. But, if one truly loves someone, they would like to be with them always, even when it doesn’t suite them. You are there for eachother in a relationship. Someone who likes the freedom of only going to see his loved one when its suites them, is not someone who would like to have a relationship. That attitude is not something the world can change, but the person itself needs to change.

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