Building a nest

Oh good god! Something happened! I never figured I would actually pull this off but… I bought a house :O…

How cool is that! I always figured I would end up in a small appartment nagging and whining about the fact that I would never be able to buy a house and now look at this.

It’s a nice, modest house in a small town. Right below the churchtower (I kid you not my dear friends). It has a rather large living room, a tremendously large kitchen a small garden and a few other very nice features.

And also quite a bit of work :D… If you get bored at some point, let me know… I’m sure I’ll be able to amuse you with some renovation that should be done around the house ;-).

When the time is right (and I’m actually able to enter the house) I’ll post some pictures. Or, well, maybe best when the renovation has actually started since the interior also needs some “refreshment”.

And for you jokers, no, I ain’t going to stack my house with computer stuff :P


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