Destroying the core

I got a question from someone a few days ago about virusses. But not just any type of virus, a virus that infects your BIOS.

For those of you who wonder, yes.. they exist. There are indeed some virusses written that will infect your BIOS. Fortunatly they are very rare but also very hard to get rid off.

Keep in mind that the BIOS is not stored on your hard drive so this means that your virus scans done in the OS will show you that the system is clean. Also formatting and reinstalling your computer won’t help. It may also be rather hard to find out that you actually have a BIOS virus.
The most common BIOS virusses create warnings that your computer is infected by virusses followed by the automatic opening of your browser which navigates you to a website which sells virus removal software.
Which is, obviously, fake. They just try to gather credit card information.

You can only remove the virus by flashing a new version of the BIOS. As discussed before.
If you happen to be in the case that you have a BIOS virus you can best take following steps to get rid of it.

  1. You need to download the latest version for your BIOS from the manufacturers website. Best do this from a computer that is not infected (just to be sure)
  2. Take backups from all of your data, anything you don’t want to lose
  3. Enter the disk with the new BIOS software. Boot the infected PC but boot it from the CD drive.
  4. A setup screen will show which allows you to install the new BIOS. Make sure that you don’t interrupt the power. If you do so the BIOS may become corrupt. And we wouldn’t want that now, don’t we..
  5. One the BIOS is installed (this virus is now gone!), It may be best to format your computer drives and reinstall the OS.

But really I hope you’ll never come across such a virus. It’s a genuine pain in the #@!…


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