What if: the IT guys go out sporting

Last weekend, I met up with some friends of mine. One of my friends is in a volleyball club and this club organizes a dropping each year.
The concept of dropping some people off at an unknown spot and they have to get back by following some guidelines and doing some assignments.

This is the second year in a row that we participate in this event. And last year, despite the fact that we took a detour of about 1.5 hours through a muddy forest) we ended first.

And it was kinda nice, we actually enjoyed “the trip”, even knowing we got lost :-).

So this year we we’re planning to do it again. We arrive at about 18 pm at the starting point and we start following the guidelines we received. We start walking and about 20 minutes later we arrive at a meadow (meanwhile it’s pitchblack outside) and one of they guys says.
“Hmm… I think we are at the wrong side of this meadow” (oh boy..)

So we have 2 options, either we go around the meadow to the road where we actually need to be. Or we run through the meadow (which was very wet and muddy). Which choice was picked by the majority of the band? Ofcourse, straight through.

Splashing and jumping we made our way to the road again. About an hour later we notice that the place we are at doesn’t match anymore with what the guide said. So we screwed up somewhere. We did some backtracking and searching, going over our steps again (by this time my feet were already killing me). We even called the people who organized the event to ask how we should start because something wasn’t entirely correct with the guide they gave us (No, No! Really something wasn’t correct! :P)

So at about 21.30 pm or so we finally arrive where we should be. A feeling of relieve hit me. Good lord, thank you! We arrived, my feet were now really REALLY killing me.
The guy holding the guidelines flipped over the paper and said: “Owwwkay, let’s see what we need to do for part 2”.

OH NOES! … Well anyway, we continued our little “adventure”, next up finding reflectors in the forest. This was actually quite nice. Running through a forest looking for reflectors. This went rather smooth as well.
Half an hour later we get out of the forest, unharmed… Well besides my feet, which are still killing me..

One more assignment, walking to a specific spot, looking for a number which indicated the next spot to go to.

By this time my feet were literally killing me. I already asked everyone to slow down a bit because it hurt so much I just couldn’t keep up (IT guys.. right :P). Which ofcourse didn’t help because no one really listens to me .. :D

Anyway at about 12.30 am we arrive at the finish (one but last, do’h :(). And we drive home.

The next day, I get out of bed and notice that my right foot still hurts. But really, really hurts I can’t even stand on it properly. So I spend the day sitting or hopping on one leg. I figured that I would be better the next day.

Which was, ofcourse, not the case. I hopped to work the next morning, sat all day at my desk (I didn’t even go for lunch, how sad is that). And I hopped home again in the evening.

A few hours later I just couldn’t stand up anymore. Well to make a long story short, I ended up in the emergency room that night. 3 (female by the way o_O) doctors came by, touching, stroking, poking, pulling and pushing my foot.
So I was already kinda worried, so many people for 1 sore foot.

But a moment later one of them came to tell me: “Well it seems that you overdid it. The muscle is sprained”.

“Errrh? Okay? So that’s all?”

“Yep, take these pills and it will be somewhat better, but you’ll just have to sit this one out”

So the last few days I have been hopping from one place to another one 1 foot.

I’ll punish the next person, who dares to claim sport is healthy, with rod and lash.. :P

But I guess that I’m just not used of taking long walks. Trust me writing blogs is less painful :D…

This time next year, I’ll probably be writing a similar story, because I was dumb enough to participate to this event again. But hey! We had fun!


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