To Google or not to Google

Most people who ever came into contact with the internet will probably have an idea on what google is. A great number of people also use this search engine, but I think that only few use it correctly.
Or, at least, know how to use it correctly. By using this “tool” incorrectly you might not find the information you are looking for… With quite a lot of frustration as a result.

Here are a few tips to improve your “googling-skillz”

  1. If you are looking for a person but you forgot the person’s first name. Crap! How are we going to solve this. Easy actually.
    You type in the name followed by an asterisk, so for example: * Presley.
    The asterisk makes it clear to google that it can be replace by anything that fits with Presley. You’ll find our friend Elvis in no time.
  2. Would like a definition? Simple enter “define:” followed by the word you would like to see defined.
    You’ll get a list of definitions and links to the websites. How great is that.
  3. Google is also a great calculator. If you want to do some quick calculations. Just enter them in the google search box, hit the search button and google will tell you the result. 1+1=2.. Yes indeed!
  4. If you are searching with english terms, it will be easier if you put a tilde “~” in front of your search term.
    Google will also search on synonyms of the word you are looking for. Search for Tsunami, you’ll also find Tidal Wave.
  5. You can even resquest links that come in a specific format. Let’s say that we want information about games in PDF format. Google for games “filetype:pdf” and there you go! Only PDF documents will be shown.
  6. Some websites have a very bad search function. You get lost easly and it ain’t very clear how and where to find info. Google can solve this, enter the searchterm you are looking for on a specific website, followed by site:<url>
    Like this: “blog”
    I will now only get information about blogs on the bbc website.
  7. Need a map fast? Just enter the name of the town or country you are looking for and hit enter. Google has a great tool, called google maps, which allows the end user to look for destinations.
  8. Wanna know when a movie is playing? Enter movie:<name of movie>. You’ll get a list of theatres where the movie is playing. Note that it might be possible that you need to change the location.
  9. You can also exclude search terms by adding a “-” in front of your term. Like for example Car -accident. Mind the space though since if the dash is in the middle of a word not separated by spaces it will be ignored.

There you go, a nice set of tips to help you on the way. These are only a few by the way. Books could probably be writted about the use of google.

But this should do it for now :)



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