Money Money Money

And now for something completely different… I have this kind of job where the salary you earn is defined by how much
you get done, how much experience you got and mostly how much guts you got when it comes to asking for more money.

So, I mostly get quite a lot done, the experience comes in time, but that last thing… That my dear reader is a genuine pain in the ass.
I really ain’t a hero when it comes to ask someone for more money. Specially face to face. So I started looking up a few things about how to ask for more money without doing any sort of damage, but also.. when to ask.

And I came up with this:

  • Make sure you earn it. Show your boss you are devoted, capable and willing to extend your qualities
  • Be confident. Your superior smells your fear and doubt. Get over it and make clear what you want.
  • Always stay polite but not too much. Don’t just give in to everything your boss says and suggests. He’ll most likely try to give you less than you actually want.
    Then again, don’t become rude or go ego-tripping. As hard as it is to hear, everyone is expendable.
  • Try to compare you salary with that of others within your company. Like this you can make sure that the raise you ask for is reasonable. (if you get more than the others, super! Drop me a mail and tell me how you did it :P)
    I know this is quite hard because most people don’t want to talk about their wager. But you’ll find one or two who don’t mind to talk about it.
  • Make it very clear to your superior that you work a lot (well, only when it’s true ofcourse). Tell him what you do, how much you help and educate others and specially mention the things you do extra Getwhich you normally shouldn’t be doing.
  • Get to the point. A lot of superiors will try to avoid the subject of money during an evaluation. Make it very clear that you really want to talk money :P.
  • Prepare your case. Know how much you will ask for, why you will ask it, what you will say if you get ignorant questions like ‘Why should we give you a raise’.

These should get you well on the way. I’ll try them myself next time it’s my turn to face the wallet of my boss…

Let me know if you have any remarks or got any other great tip.


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