Blogging at the fitness

Believe it or not, I’m currently writing a blog post at my local fitness center.
My fitness partner is currently following some sort of a group lesson (which I ain’t following since I would be the only male species there)…. (okay and not to make a fool out of myself) and the lesson runs late.. again.

Then I noticed they have a computer here with free internet for all customers. I’m a customer.. and I like free! So I figured I’d just do it.

The funny thing about fitnessing is the people around you. You’ve got loads of time to observe them while cross training or spinning, etc..
It’s amazing to see how they all live in their own world during their fitness time. Gazing into “nothingness”, thinking about everything and nothing. All the cares in the world seem to be miles and miles away.

Friendships are made here, a few laughs a few drinks. It’s kinda nice. It’s very rare to see unhappy people here. That is, I guess, because most of them are here just for fun, rather than to be sporty. Which is a great thing I think.

I often have to drag myself here, not feeling like doing any workout. But honestly in the end I’m glad I’m doing it.
The atmosphere here is so very.. light.. (even literally with all these women following a diet :P).

Try it every now and then! It’s good for yer health and it’s fun. Specially when you take someone with you.
And by all means let me know the result!

Thanks again for spending your precious time on reading this nonsense :D




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