Emotional Ignorance

I said it once and I’ll say it once more and I’ll probably say this for as long as I walk on this twisting blue ball. This world is messed up.

Tell me this, what do you need to do with people who seem to be just plain evil, but are unable to see this. They claim they don’t do anything wrong and blame others for the mistakes they have made. And why is it that others, who aren’t like this keep wasting time on people like this.

Honestly, think about it. How would you feel if you walked up to someone and start calling him or her names in the face. Bad? I guess so. Not bad? Then you probably found a very good reason to do so (I don’t really think this will get you any further, but okay). But this subclass: not-bad-because-it-is-not-my-fault. These are just hard people to handle.
The problem in fact is that you cannot handle them at all.

How do you explain someone that they are wrong, while you know long before you do so, that they will not listen to you. And even worse, you also know that you will get blamed for it and will be the ‘bad guy’ to the outside world.

How can you handle this? By just ignoring it, and allowing this mischief? Or by dealing with it, being the truthful hero and face the consequences.

My best guess is, stay out of their way. It’s for the better…


4 thoughts on “Emotional Ignorance

  1. You seem really interesting, and I love your writing style. You should check out my blog and tell me what you think. I am new and am curious of what people think of my blog so far :)
    Emily Smith.

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