the digital cough

Ever had a virus on your computer? If the answer is no then you are one lucky bstrd… ;-)

Computer virusses are written to inflict damage to a computer system. Most of the time with no specific reason (some people just like to blow stuff up). There are different types of virusses as well as the effects that they have.

Here are a few:
– An actual virus: this is a small piece of malicious software that comes with the installation of an actual program. Each time the program runs, the virus runs as well. Most of the time these virusses are able to reproduce. Which is honestly a pain in the ass…
– Another very common virus is an e-mail virus. As the name implies it travels along as an attachement in an e-mail. Typically about this type is that it reproduces itself by forwarding automatically to people in your contact list.
– Trojan horses are also a very known type. Just like in greek mythology. It claims to be one thing and it turns out to be something else. And really, not the good type of something else.
– Worms are virusses that look for security holes in your computer. They are able to get in your system by this security gap. They replicate by looking for the same security hole in other computers.

Don’t worry though. If you handle the internet with care (don’t open fishy looking websites, or download software from websites you do not trust) your computer will remain safe.
There are also a lot of things you can protect yourself with. Anti-virus, firewall, spam filter, etc…

A combination of these things will take care of your problem. If you still do happen to catch a computer virus.. well still don’t worry. Most of them are just annoying, nothing more than that. You can remove them quite easly.

If you want or need more info about this topic. Let me know. I’ve fought many virusses before :P


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