The forbidden apple

iPod, iPhone, iPad, iMac, these are all, rather hyped, products of the apple company. Typical about this brand is that you either love it or hate it.
Some people refuse to use other computers while others literally find them to the an invention of the devil :’).

If you haven’t made up your mind. Here are a few facts about their products.

First off all, so we can get this out of the way, a lot of people say ‘it’s hard to find any software for mac’. Well, it is indeed so that it may take you a little while longer to find the appropriate software for your computer. Also because you most likely need to head to a specialized MAC store. However, Mac software is always developed with care. It looks great and there do exist less crappy programs than there exist on Windows (which doesn’t mean there aren’t any :P). From a programmers point of view spoken ofcourse.

For each windows program there is at least one MacOS alternative. It may sometimes be a little hard to go cross platform but it works.
One thing is true about the programs, and I mean the bad kind of programs. There aren’t (just like on Linux platforms) a lot of virusses writted for Mac. So that’s also nice.. right :D.

On the other hand.. Mac toys are very, veeeeerrry expensive for what you actually get in return. For example, a minor hard drive upgrade can cost you 150 dollars. And this is just to change you hard drive from 250 gb to 500 gb. With all due respect but 150 bucks for 250 GB that is a lot of money.
And a phone of 600$.. Let’s be honest :’)..

To get one more hoax out of the world. I hear a lot of people say ‘a mac computer doesn’t get slower over time’. This is, really, bullc***. It all depends on how you use your computer.
Fill up the harddrive of your Mac with programs and I assure you it will go slower and slower and slower. Never clean it out, same story. Don’t make anyone fool you that it will is perma-fast.
Secondly, this also had a lot to do with the type of hardware you use. Apple, by the way, only allows you a limited choice of hardware. And sure, there are some nice things in there. But I’m just the type of guy who prefers to hand pick his own parts.

In the end.. It looks great, it runs fine and it get’s things done. But so does any well installed and configured Windows/Linux/Unix/other machine.
It really depends on what you are looking for.

One thing I really wanted to get of my chest.. Dear lord, iTunes sucks! :P


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