Best Buys

I often get the question “Which is good laptop?”. And I want to get this written down for once and for all.

The truth is that I cannot tell you which laptop you have to buy. As with so many things, it depends on what you are planning to do with it! Just like with picking hardware

Now I can however give you a few guidelines about a few brands I know and I worked with.

Each and every brand has it’s own types of laptops designed for home use, office use, gaming purposes, etc..
Some succeed a bit better than others ;-), but they all have their qualities.

First off is HP…
Generally these laptops are a bit cheaper (I mean this literally). Most of them are very very good for home and office use. They have a few, more powerful, laptops but I honestly must say that they are not so very great.
To make a long story short, great for home and office use :’).

Next once is Acer…
This brand has a few very powerful laptops. Although this brand is a somewhat more expensive it offers great deals.
They also offer a line of laptops that are build for when you are on the road. With a battery that lasts a very long time.
And there is also a line of gaming laptops (which do quite good).

Next up is Asus…
Now this brand mostly specializes in building hardware. Like motherboards, gpu’s etc…
They also have a large amount of laptops. This brand is also rather expensive compared to others, but they generally offer great quality. Sometimes they also offer very fancy laptops. Doesn’t really do a lot about your performance but hey, it looks cool.

One that is very famous is dell…
This company has a very large amount of laptops, in every flavour and form you want. They have a very cheap home series of laptops (the inspirons if I’m not mistaking). A series for office use. And a special series for gaming (XPS is the name)…
They offer good quality and have a lot of experience in laptops, computers, etc. A lot of companies choose Dell as supplier.

Now Dell also offers a few alienware laptops. And these, my dear readers, are the ultimate laptops on this planet. They are build for extreme gaming, they look incredibly fancy, are very powerful and I should also not forget to mention. They are extremely expensive.
None the less, I have one and I must say.. My God… what a cool laptop :D

Hope this helps


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