Listen to the world

Every now and then, don’t tell anyone, I get a little bored at work. So I start surfing or look something up.
Now, when I was surfing it hit me that I could actually listen to the radio via my office computer (it’s most of the time rather quiet at the office, no radio is playing or anything).

So I started looking for online radio stations or radio stations that offer a live stream.
I found a good website (it doesn’t look very fancy, but hey! it does wat is needs to do), which allows you to look for radio station around the globe.
I every now and then listen to online radio station on my internet radio at home, which I kind of enjoy.

What I did, is install winamp on my computer. This is a free media player (it plays most formats + live streams and podcasts). Looked up some radio stations and added them to my playlist.

Just in case you get bored at work every now and then.. :P

Here’s what you do.

1. Install winamp
2. Navigate here
3. Find radio station, download the playlist
4. Drag the file you just downloaded in the winamp playlist
5. enjoy!

There are by the way radio stations which discuss paranormal activity 24/7.. How cool is that! :D


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