a moment of consideration

I arrived at the parking lot of a customer which I had to meet with. About half an hour early.

While I sat in my car waiting for time to pass by… I caught myself wondering about my life again. The things I been trough, realized (which is in my opinion, rather limited). It may seem a bit selfish but every now and then you should consider everything that has been so far.

It came to mind that in this rather short while I’ve been on this planet I’ve been doing some stupid things. Maybe even bad things… Not that I commited a murder or anything in that nature, but I’ve done things that could have impacted other people.

I honestly don’t think I’m a bad person. Well, I make mistakes but I try to look after others and to help them. In that sort of way. Everyone has flaws ofcourse.

But the things I’ve done wrong, still bother me in some way. For some reason I cannot manage to forget about them (which is actually a good thing, because you learn from mistakes). It seems that I am unable to forgive myself for my stupidities.

I’m wondering how I can do that, what I should do to feel better about myself. Or how I can manage to live with the things I’ve done.

To be more precise, what worries me is what other people think of me. I just hope that I didn’t hurt anyone. That others will still accept me for who I am.

No one ever said it would be easy. But damn, it’s hard.. this life.
I suspect that you agree with me.


One thought on “a moment of consideration

  1. Everyone does stupid things, that doesn’t mean that you’re a bad person.
    I don’t know you ofcourse, not personally in any way, but I do kindoff understand what you are saying.

    It is not life itself that is hard. It is the surroundings in life that make it hard and difficult to cope somethimes. Sorry for my written mistakes. One can not be more satisfied with someone as to with yourself. If a person is happy, he/she will reflect that on other persons. If a person is sad, then it would be taken in consideration why, and do something about it. Talk, paint, write, get it off. And, be happy, sometimes you can be down, who isn’t, but, the world is much easier en beautiful world, when one’s is happy.

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