Visiting an old friend

A few days a go I told something about the release of LA Noire. It looks to be a great game.
Today however I learned that a new game will be released. Actually a remake of a game will be released.

Tomb raider! I’m honestly very excited to hear so. When I was younger this was my favorite game (and of many, many other men ;-)).
Not only the fact that the protagonist is one hot female, but just the entire adventure. How nice is it that you are wandering down the game with the feeling that every single second someone or more often some thing could jump around the corner to slay you.

It seems that this new tomb raider game (and that is just the title). Is a complete remake, producers say that we may forget everything we know so far about the series. They build up the game from scratch.

And that may be very well so. The first screenshots of tomb raider show a new and improved (also younger) Lara croft. Let’s face it, she’s looking good. This will certainly “inspire” a lot of men to try the game ;-). (Don’t look at me, the moment I heard tomb raider was reborn I figured this would be an “instant-buy”… I’m in for totally different reasons :P).

Let me show you some screens. Actually some of the few which are available.

Even if you were not a fan of tomb raider in the past. Admit it, this looks great!
Sadly enough I don’t have a clue what the release date of this game is. I hope soon ^^


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