MSN Alternative

In once again an attempt to drive you away from windows apps ;-). Here are a few other clients you can use to chat with your MSN profile.

Let one thing be clear, you can talk to the people you already have in your msn list, you will just use another program.

Why, well let’s face it, MSN ain’t the most fantastic tool in the world.
But now, here are some alternatives:

This is the client I use. It has a few bugs here and there, but really some minor things. The great advantage of this client is that you can connect to multiple accounts at the same time and you can’t only connect to your msn profile… You can also connect to a dozen other things (yahoo, AOL, ICQ, …).
It works perfectly and it is free!
Doesn’t support webcam however.
Find it here.

Also this is a tool which allows you to connect to multiple accounts of different kinds. It has been a long time since I used it but I think it is still free. Not sure though.
Since I’m using Pidgin I’m also not really up to date on what the latest and newest features are. But this tool has been around for a long time, so normally (;-)) it should be improved quite a bit.
Download here.

This alternative is for MAC OS. Since some people sometimes find it hard to locate a tool which allows MAC to connect to an msn profile in an easy way. Well Adium does that. Same story here, you can connect to multiple accounts from multiple providers.
Besides that it has a cute logo :D. Also here.. Free!
Do the deed here.

I only used this one briefly on linux. So I can’t tell you if it is actually any good. I suppose it is if you are able to create a tool which supports multiple platforms (with ofcourse different installers) you have some skills. So it’s worth the shot I think.
One thing needs to be said, this tool is an msn clone. Meaning that it only connects to msn.
And yes, you cheapskate, it’s free ;-).
Get it here

This should get you well on your IM way!


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