Anger Management

Did you ever feel down or did you ever want to give up because of what you see and hear in your surroundings?

I had such a day yesterday (and even somewhat today). Everywhere I go there is some sort of ‘violence’ going on.
Let me illustrate that.

Yesterday morning I walk to the station, grab a paper and walk towards the train. As like every morning there is pushing, pullling and shoving to get a seat (but I already told you in detail what I think about that ;-)). People around me are nagging about the weather, about other people, about how their lives are to much worse than that of others (how I can imagine that going to work with the train each morning is so much worse than having to sleep in the streets while it’s freezing *sarcasm*).

Anyway, I try to ignore this so I grab my paper, flip it open and start reading. Every single page… Murder, pain, bloodshed, child molestation, cheating, hurting, crisis, tax raises, money over nature.
You think I may be exaggerating, but really think about it? We do hear quite a bit of negative news from around the globe.

I arrive at work, step into the elevator with a few other people. Some more nagging about weather, children,whatever…
Finally I arrive at my desk and sadly enough this was the first happy moment of my day. Since there is no one around at the time that I arrive (not to show off, but it just is). On top of that some of my collegues are still on holiday so it was quite calm (great I needed that).

During the day I need to make a phonecall to a valuer (I’m trying to buy a house and someone needs to check the value of that house, don’t ask why, it just is like that o_O). He asks me if I can make it on wednesday noon (which is quite an unreasonable time, but okay).
And I explain him that it’s fine by me but that I will have to call him back because the broker would like to come as well. That moment he starts to bark like a dog to me at the phone. The guy almost blew a fuse when he knew the broker wanted to come as well (big deal? What does it matter?).

Anyway moving on. I go home, on the train (some as in the morning, crap about weather, children, war, etc). I arrive at the station, walk outside and I see a guy yelling and screaming at a girl (age 20 or so)… In public, the girl ofcourse crying and yelling herself.
My god, why the yelling and the shouting? Try talking for a change, it really works. Specially when you try to do it somewhere… well.. not public!?

What has or is happening to this world? To us for that matter. It seems that we really have forgotten how lucky we are to be alive in a beautiful world. We hurt each other so much, just to make our point, to prove the others wrong.
What has happened to love, unconditional, nice and warm love. To care for each other without wanting something in return.

It’s fine if you want to live your life your way. But there is no need to hurt others because of that. This planet we live on is round, people need to go some place on this globe. You can’t expect that everything always goes your way. Something that I also had to learn (and admitted, this is painful sometimes). But that is just part of life. And really, it ain’t that bad.

What trying to say here is that we can, but only if we want it, make this world a much better place for each and every single person that lives on it. There is no need for hard actions, suppression, fear and pain. We can change this around if we want.

Well, no one will probably we inspired by my little essay here. But honestly I’m glad I got it of my chest (see, now I’m nagging as well! :'()

Thanks for your time


One thought on “Anger Management

  1. I do feel the same way about what you write here.
    All people do nowadays is complain and complain and complain. The weather is not nice, it is too busy, people worrie too much about the most littlelest thing. Nothing goes like it should go, and so the world is a bad place. You can never change the whole world though. That’s too bad huh? But you can change one person, and then for that one person, it means the world.
    Nice huh?! My comment. Hahaha, I think we all want to live in a more peacefully filled world, with nice people who all do lovey dovey en listen to eachother. Really. Well, I do. But it just isn’t realistic;

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