Why holidays suck…

It may seem a rather depressing title but I just came to think of it. Is it really that nice? A holiday period like this. Don’t get me wrong I like the christmas mood and all the jingles and the bells but honestly. If you think a little further it’s really not that great.
Need a reason? I’ll give you 5…

  1. Family…Really?
    Every single year we need to go to these family get togethers. Which I really don’t like, and honestly I think no one really likes them in my family. We just sit there and don’t do anything. That is their idea of coming together.
    Besides that we also have 2 small children in the family, which is great, but at this time it’s actually more of a drag than a virtue. After a while they get tired, start crying, being irritating and so forth. They can’t help it, I know.. But still, this really doesn’t improve the mood.
    I’m pretty sure I’m not the only one who feels like this about forced family get togethers
  2. Lonesome Cowboy
    Twist it and turn it all you want. This time of year is the most lonesome period of the entire year. No matter how much family and friends you have. At a certain moment around this time of year you will feel lonely.
    For no appareant reason actually. It just feels that way.. It’s cold, dark, no one really feels like doing something. And that sucks.
  3. Darkness prevails
    I don’t mind darkness, most of the time I actually prefer it. But this is just plain rediculous. I’m sure you will feel the same about it. Think about it. You get up early in the morning.. It’s dark. You go to the office, are locked up the entire day in an office filled with a bunch of other people. When your shift if over, you go out and you see .. darkness. Just because the days are so short.
    That’s a bummer.. no?
  4. What to do.. What to do?
    Every single year when you flip the calendar page to December, people will start asking what you will do in the holidays. And most particular at new years eve. Most of the time you end up doing something you don’t like.
    Also the fact is that you need to keep peace between all the people you are around. One day you have to attend dinner at family A when the next day you need to attend dinner at family B. This all goes pretty well up until the day the families decide to have dinner on the same day.
    You will inevitably have to make a choice. This choice will cause one family to be pissed at you.
    Which also really sucks, for that matter. And it is something that really irritates me. If you are planning to do something at, let’s say new years eve, with a friend/girlfriend/whatever. It is always nice to plan ahead, to have an idea on what you are going to do and where. Therefor, NEVER leave the orginazational details to someone else. Do it yourself. Because after a few weeks, when you agreed to celebrate new years, the person in charge of the reservations will say. “Ohw right, I didn’t make any reservations yet because that or that person hasn’t told me yet he or she will attend”.
    Which will end up, in doing something at home in stead of in a restaurant/bar/other place. Since, ofcourse, there is no more room for an extra set of people in this particular boozehole.
  5. And one more, for the record. Every holiday over and over again you have to congratulate every single person you meet for new year, christmas, easter, whatever. Followed by a few kisses and hugs.
    When then!? You might as well do that for no reason. Suddenly all the people who normally don’t do such things start hugging and kissing and whatever without (I suspect) meaning a single word they say.
    If you don’t mean it, what’s the point?


But once again, don’t get me wrong. I’m sure you will enjoy holidays and even I can appreciate the christmas mood but people most of the time screw it over ;-).

How do you feel about it?

2 thoughts on “Why holidays suck…

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  2. I hate kissing too much people. At work with Happy New Year I escaped to my desk and therefore I missed I think one hundred kisses from people I don’t even know. It’s the same with birthday’s. I’ll kiss my boyfriend, cause, well, that’s normal, to strangers I’ll say “joh happy birthday and wave, and my closests friends (which I can even count on one hand or maybe not) I’ll give a hug. I hate kisses, but I love hugs. Cause hugs are love, understanding and friendship all in one. A bit late in saying but hey I wish you happy new year, may all your wishes come true.

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