About Printers

It may seem a little silly but why don’t we discuss printers for a moment? Almost everyone has one, but only few know what they actually have. If you go out to buy a printer, I suspect that the most common parameter for buying one is the price.
There are some seriously cheap printers, but honestly, most of them are well.. kinda crappy. It’s sometimes is worthwhile to spend a little more, trust me it will save you headaches ;-).

Now, there are a few types of printers…
Tones Based printers: the printers that work with this type of “ink” are laser printers. These printers are able to rapidly produce high quality prints. Most of the time even also a large quantity of high quality prints.
These types of printers are more expensive to buy and the toner also costs a reasonable amount. But the quality is very good and you can print quit a lot of paper with 1 toner (a lot more than you can with an ink cartridge).

Moving to…
Ink Based printers: These printers work with smaller ink cartridges… Depending on the type of printer you bought (cheap, more costly, expensive) these printers can also deliver very good quality prints. But they are a bit slower. Now if you are just using this at home to print a few pictures and documents this won’t matter that much I think.
This type of printer is less expensive to buy, but the cartridges still are rather expensive and you can make a lot less prints than you would with a toner. So in the end, specially if you will be printing a lot, this option will be a lot more expensive.

There are numerous of other types of printers. But I don’t really see the use of it since it’s very unlikely you will ever use them at home. For example the Thermal Printers. This is a type of printer which is used to print cash register tickets (and honestly, do you have that in your living room?).

In the end you will have to decide. If you really need to print a lot, buy something more expensive like a laser printer (you have them in both black and white and colour variants). If you are a “now and then” printer guy or girl. You may want to consider the ink based printer.

Hope it helps!


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