The Train Depression

I work in a rather crowded city and going there by car is almost impossible. It’s at least unbearable.
So in order to get there I need to take the train to my destination. Not too bad you probably think. And that is very true.

I can read the newspaper, watch a movie on my phone, etc… That would be so, if it weren’t for the bloodthirsty crowd that desperately tries to get a seat on the train every single morning and evening.
When I say that I have to fight my way IN the train and this, just to get in. I’m sadly enough not exaggerating.
Pushing , pulling and shoving they force their way into the already too crowded trainset. Not even allowing the people who need to get OUT of the train to step out in a normal way.

It’s like a pack of hungry lions that are rushing toward a pack of helpless hinds.

What has happened to us people? What are we doing? Even a task as simple as allowing everyone on a train has become a war. It does show one thing. Most people simply don’t have respect anymore for one another. They see their goal in front of their eyes and go for it. Doesn’t matter if someone else will have to pay the price for that action.

I’m aware that this is something as silly as getting a seat on the train (which I honestly don’t care for that much, since I most of the time just stand up), but I’m just saying. If most people react like this for something as small and insignificant as this task. How do they act and react to serious matters in life. Do they also just do their thing at the cost of others?

It feels as if humanity has lost most of it’s “humanity”


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