Computer to Computer connections

In case you ever wondered (if someone ever wonders this) how to connect 2 computers to each other.
This is how.

First off you will need an ethernet cable, but not just any cable. You will need a cross cable.
Check my blog about creating your own ethernet cable for more info about cross cables.

What you do is very simple.

  • Step 1: Connect the cable on both computers.
  • Step 2: And I’ll explain this for windows since it still is the most commonly used client OS. Open the Network Connections screen (again, on both computers) and locate your LAN connection. I can’t give you the name since it differs from computer to computer. Mine is simply called Local Area Connection
  • Step 3: Right click your LAN connection and select “Properties”
  • Step 4: in the new screen that pops up you find a list of components (in the first tab), scroll aaaaaallll the way down and find an entry “Internet Protocol (TCP/IP). Double click it.
    Select the option “Use the following IP address”.
    Now enter on computer 1 following information
    Subnet Mask:
    Enter on computer 2 following information
    Subnet Mask:

Click okay and okay again when you are done.

Now if you open a command box on computer 1 (click start >> run >> enter cmd and hit enter). And you ping server 2. So you type command ping, you should get 4 replies.

That’s it! Both computers are now connected over an ethernet cable. You can now share all the things you whant to share… Whatever that may be… õ_O


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