Hash This!

Since we are talking about networking (well I mostly :p).. I may be a good idea to explain you what MD5 hashing is. Most people probably heard of this already but cannot quite explain what it is or how it works.

Sounds like another job for…well.. me I guess.

MD5 stands for Message Digest Algorithm. It is widely used to achieve encrypted data transfers from one place to another. Trying to secure the data which is transferred.
For a long time this was considered the safest way to encrypt data, but meanwhile it has been proven that it is possible to create hash collisions. Which is creating separate documents with the same hashcode.

A more secure version of hashing (ofcourse “secure” is rather variable, since sooner or later someone will figure out how to break the code) is SHA hashing.
It stands for Secure Hash Algorithm and is actually a group of related hashing codes. The point of SHA is to calculate a series of characters which is most likely unique to encrypt data.
There are a few types of SHA versions. I honestly don’t know them all by heart.

And yes, you can calculate the hashing encryption by using math (since they are ALGORITHMS :P).. But honestly.. do you want me to paste them here?


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