My Friend Murphy

Let me tell you a story, something that happened to me a while ago.
Did you ever had this kind of situation… You are invited to a party, go over there, everything is fine, everything goes as planned and then… at the end of the night.. Murphy’s law kicks in.

I’m driving home with my girlfriend talking about this and that. And I stop by her place to drop her off. (by this time it’s about 2 AM). Important to know is that the girlfriend had been working all day and was very tired (a good cocktail for something horrible to happen).

So I stop and I walk her to the door (gentleman as I am). The takes her purse, opens it and looks shocked at me.
I notice this and I say.. “What? Something wrong?”

And then the next scene happens. She replies, very very dramatically: “I FORGOT MY KEYS. OH NO, AND THERE IS NO ONE HOME!”

Her mother lives a few streets further so I suggest to go over there, wake her up, ask for the keys and all go to bed happy. But ofcourse, this doesn’t happen.
Again, very dramatically she explains that she doesn’t want to do that because she is scared her mother will be angry (big bad ogre) and she doesn’t want to wake her up.
Then is the time that I decide to say: “Well let’s do it anyway, it’s not like she’s going to kill you for that”. Next thing I know the girlfriend is crying and going on about how she can’t go in the house and how stupid she is and so on and so forth.

I try to comfort her and say that it’s not a problem at all, she can just spend the night at my place. So we get back in the car, and I proceed my quest to find a place to sleep for my girlfriend (driving home in other words).
While driving home, more drama, but now I also get blamed for some stuff that I actually wasn’t aware that I did. Besides that she realizes that she also hasn’t got her glasses with her (she wears contacts) so she won’t be able to see a thing when she takes them out.

Anyway, after a ride that took about 15 minutes in length (and about 5 years of my life) we get home.
We go upstairs and I lend her a pair of PJ’s, a toothbrush, soap, whatever she needs and will make her stop crying and stressing out (at this point I really wanted to do anything to make it stop).

You probably saw it coming, but at one point she takes out her contacts and I literally have to take her by the hand and guide her to the bed. So a little more crying and going on about how stupid this all was and… she finally falls asleep.

My dear friends… the things I sometimes endure. Always take your precautions before going to a party… Like hire a camper!


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