Arcade diorama

Ever feel the need of playing your old nintendo, sega, or whatever-you-had-as-a-kid games again? Well that it possible now!
Well actually it’s possible for quite some time now, with roms and emulators. But I honestly don’t know how legal all of that is. Now there actually are official websites where you can play your old games.
For example..

Sega games:
Although I have to say that you will need to subscribe and not all games are free.
So here is a free alternative:
(by the way, for the european folks, a sega megadrive was called sega genesis in the US.. just so you know)
This website also has some other old games as well.

Nintendo Games:
Here is a website that offers nintendo 8-bit games (NES I think?)

Commodore games
You can find a similar website on this location:



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