Surf’s up

Are you sick and tired of using internet explorer… I certainly am… I’m irritated by some of the functionalities, like for example the constant warnings about potential security breaches…
I DON’T CARE… I manually disabled some security features, because I don’t want to use them! Get over it!

Therefore, here are a few very good alternatives for internet explorer…

Mozilla firefox
This browser doesn’t bug with with unneeded warnings or popups or whatever. I accepts the settings you like and lives with it. Not only that, it also has a great inherited pop-up stopper (so has IE, but I don’t think it’s that great). And it even has some anti malware and anti phising technology. It stops the crap before it even reaches your computer. It should also run faster, but I honestly don’t know about that.
Another great thing about this browser is that you can download plugins, add-ons if you like, for all sorts of purposes. You can have a gmail plugin for example. It will check every 10 minutes if you’ve got mail.
You can also download mozilla firebird, this is the mailclient from mozilla. Looks are very similar to firefox and also works very well.
And the best thing about it.. it’s free!

This is a browser developed by google. And I must say it really works pretty good. It comes with similar features as mozilla firefox. Google promotes it’s speed and security… Honestly, it’s not even a lie.
But one thing needs to be said, sometimes, some parts of certain websites (like for example some software packets) aren’t shown correctly. I don’t know why, I suppose it’ll be resolved after a few updates. But besides that.. Great browser..
Since it’s developed by google it also “promotes” other products made by google, like the translator, google itself, etc … Could come in handy!
Also this one is free

This browser has been around for a while, like firefox.
Some story here, security, speed, add-ons. I haven’t really got a lot of experience with this browser. But I hear rather good comments from the people that do use it.
It may be worth the shot! The company itself promotes this as the fastest browser on the web. I wanna see prove of that, but hey.. who am I? Right?

So, if you are sick and tired of that microsoft browser.. (no offence btw), try one of the above. Let me know which you like best!


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