Live by the creed

Time for some game talk!

Since my Yellow light of death experience I recently started playing Assassins creed 2 again.
And my god, I don’t know why I forgot this is such a great game.
It has a great storyline, a great gameplay, a unique setting and very nice graphics.

This probably sounds like I’m a stockholder at Ubisoft, well.. as much as I want to be.. No… I ain’t. This is honestly a great game that you should try.
It may be best that you also play the first AC as well or you will miss some parts of the story (which would be a shame). The first game is however less good. Still not bad! Just.. less good ;-).

It’s probably nice to mention that you’ll become friends with Leonardo da Vinci in AC2. He’ll be helping you out by building you weapons and lending you his inventions.
But sometimes 1 image says more than 1000 words, specially in my case.

So take a look at this video:

This game is available for XBOX, PC and PS3.

By the way, if you have a PS3 and you are looking for some people to game online with. You can, if you like, add me as a buddy. HOW COOL IS THAT!? Not so very much.. I know..
Anyway, if you like that, just drop me an e-mail with your Playstation network buddy name and I’ll add you.


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