Every now and then I ponder life and all the events that occur within the short time span of our presence. Needless to say I constantly come to the conclusion that life is hard. Very hard, in very different ways for everyone.

Take me for example, for some strange reason I most of the time care more about the wants and needs of others than those of my own. As a result I mostly give in to others. With as a logical result that I often feel miserable.
It is only since a short while that I came to realize this because (and this really is the irony of it all) some of the people around me pointed me out this fact.

There were some events in my life when I let people down. People that I really cared for. And I guess that is the main reason why I do these things. I simply afraid to hurt others and maybe even more that they will get angry with me.
Truth being said, that’s kinda hard. Specially when I’m around people that I do not know all that well. I try to mind my words and most of the time also opinion. Which results in the fact that I’m being someone else that I actually am sometimes.

There is a bright spot however. I have a few, I may say, caring friends. Who are willing to listen to my, sometimes, idiotic, neverending flow of depressed stories.
They do this without ever giving up on me, which is truthfully, amazing.

Because of this, hereby a word of thank to all of those who haven’t given up on me, listened to me and care for me. And Thank “you” for taking the time of wasting 10 minutes of your life to read this.

Morale of this story:
Always be yourself, make your own constitution an swear by it, live by it (within the limits of the acceptable ofcourse). Inspire others by it, but do not force them into it. Be truthful and upright.

Sounds a bit corky? Maybe, but it is the barenaked truth…


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