Who doesn’t remember the mortal kombat series. Hours of button bashing, crushing bones and skulls, ripping out spines, freezing people and tasing them with raiden.
Memories memories!

This is how the first mortal kombat looked like:

You have to love those graphs (and how liu kang jump kicks :’)). I’m pretty sure people who are born in the 80’s will have played this game at least once.

Since the game series became so popular, 2 movies where produces (even a TV show!). The only movie I actually enjoyed was the first one. But they all look a bit crappy. Still I love it :’)…


MK2: (this one is reaaaaally crappy)

MK Tv series:

And now, almost 20 years later a remake of the mortal kombat is being produced. Well actually, there a lot of MK games, even next gen.. Like DC Universe vs Mortal Kombat. But this game is really a remake of the first one, or at least that’s how it looks like.

Even a new movie is being produced (well I think at least).

Before I end my post, I just wanted to share this :’)


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