Meet the invisible man

One of the things that frustrates me is that, for some reason, most people seem to look right trough me.

Consider this… It happens more often that I say something like, you shouldn’t do that because it will cause problems for sure.
The reply I get is something like ‘yeah yeah, okay’…

The next thing that happens, ofcourse, is that this person STILL does what I just said he shouldn’t do and as suspected that action caused a problem.
The comment that follow is ‘Wow, I didn’t expect that. Wonder why that happened.’

Maybe because you didn’t listen to me?

And ofcourse I am most likely the guy that can fix the crap this person has produces.

I don’t really consider myself special but then again I do what I can and I really say some valueable and true things (well, every now and then). It just doesn’t seem like it is appreciated.
It would just be nice to get some recognition from some more people. That I would get noticed every now and then.

Any usefull hint or tips are welcome! Streaking is not an option btw


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