Go flat!

Lately there is a lot going on about LED televisions. So I kept wondering what the big deal was. And ofcourse… I did some research.. :’)

Perhaps it may be handy if I share it with you, just in case you want to buy a new television.
There are 3 main types of “flat” televisions. Let me start of with

  • Plasma: Sounds like some strange gun from a star trek movie, but alas…
    These types of television used to be a lot better than LCDs. Most of them were bigger and the picture they generated was a lot sharper.
    LCD televisions have improved remarkably during the last few years. The difference between some LCDs and Plasma screens are minimal to even unexisting. I rather spare you the technical details on how the image is formed.
    This type of television gives you the most options about the viewing angle. Not everyone can sit right in front of his TV.
  • LCD: Who those of you who are uncertain about the meaning: Liquid Crystal Display. If you are planning to use your screen for still images, like for example an extended desktop for your computer. LCD is the way to go. If you want some flashing action scenes with a lot of bombing and gunfire, plasma should be the deal for you.
    Also important to know, LCD is less power consuming than a plasma television.
  • LED: Light Emitting Diodes… Even more power efficient than the LCD is this type of television (about 30 – 40% less than LCD..o_O).  In general, specially when there is some back light, the picture of the LED TV will show better quality. The black will be blacker and the white will be whiter.. Well if you compare it with the other types.
    Ofcourse it also depends on which type and brand you pick.
    The lifespan of these devices are quite high. In general, the plasma television is the device with the lowest lifespan.

It’s your pick, once again :)…

To give you some advice to pick the right television for you. Just march over to the store and compare television of different types against eachother. You quickly notice which is better or worse.

General rule: less is not more… You will get a better television if you pay more. Frustrating, but true.

Oh and one more thing. They come in, really, a lot of sizes. I would go for a somewhat larger model. The picture quality will be better, trust me.

By the way, take a look at the “thinkness” of a LED television. I just picked the thinnest I could find.

Impressive.. not?


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