Get on the Universal Serial Bus!

You may have noticed that most ads about computers or laptops try to tell us something about which interfaces are available. For example 2 usb 3 ports…
Most “normal” (don’t see this as an insult but rather as a compliment) end users miss the point or lack the understanding about what is the difference between the interfaces.

Let’s discuss a few of these interfaces:

  • USB: the (of course) first universal serial bus available. This type of port can handle up to 1.5 MBPS (megabits per second, BITS not BYTES don’t get confused ;-)). Which was quite a lot when it first came out. The most interesting thing about devices that work with a USB interface is that they are hot pluggable.
    You just shove them in  your computer and they work! … Well you know, with an exception here and there ;-).
  • USB 1.1: a semi new version of the USB port. This port can handle up to 12 MBPS
  • USB 2.0: this was a new release of the USB port and this new interface can handle up to 480 MBPS
  • USB 3: the newest release of the USB port can handle up to about  4,8 GBPS (yes indeed, Gigabits per second)
  • Firewire 400: some computers also have a firewire port (although I notice this is not very common anymore).  This version of firewire can handle up to 400 MBPS
  • Firewire 800: Make an educated guess ;-)
  • Firewire 3200: 3,2 GBPS

Those are about the basics :)


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