It’s actually amazing how many jokes you can find about ‘geeks’… What are people thinking… Shame on them!

Well, honestly.. I enjoyed quite a few :’)… Like these:

This one is way of the top.. but come on :’)


If you can read this one, you’re probably well on your way to become a geek yoruself

And if you read my blog you should understand the next one

Oh and for the record: there are 10 types of people. Those who can count binary and those who cannot


7 thoughts on “Geekyness

  1. Nice…

    And if you put the Twitter or Facebook button,
    maybe I can share this with my friends, if you
    don’t mind.

    Oh, btw, hi.

    #Ales, Indonesia.

      • Btw, I found a lot of useful info about computer here.
        I mean, you shared all the details about hardware
        I want to know. So I’m subscribing to your post.

        Well, I had a lot of friends who can explain this-
        and-that to me. But I felt uneasy to bother them
        during work time. So, I think your posts are the

        Thanks. ^^

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