Seek and destroy: pr0n… >_>

You may notice that after a while your computer may begin to run a bit slow (specially windows computers). Specially when you don’t clean out your browser history, ad-ware scans, regular virus scans etc…

There are a few things you can do to prevent / resolve this. Or if there are some of you who are interested in deleting any history of their nightly… ehm… internet.. escapades… Well here’s how:

What happens if you surf the web is that your browser is starting to build cache. Basically this means it starts downloading files to your harddrive so next time you open a website it will load faster. Best example are images. The first time you open a website, which shows a few picturs, it may load slow, the second time you open the website it’ll go a lot faster. For the simple reason that the images are now on your computer.

There is a great, free, tool available which will delete all of your temporary files in one simple move. It’s called crapcleaner.
Download it, install it (make sure you uncheck any toolbar install thingies) and off you go. Click on the button ‘clean’ and it will start cleaning all of your temp files (don’t worry, it won’t delete any pictures or documents, it will only remove what you do not need).
It also has a small feature that cleans up your registry.

Secondly, if you surf on the internet looking for… “stuff” it may be that adware or spyware will be installed on your computer. These are like small viruses. Most of them rather harmless.  Spyware gathers or tried to gather some info about you. Adware shows advertisements (popups coming out of nowhere…). I think it’s pretty clear.

Anyway it can easly be removed with spybot. This tool will scan your entire computer for malicious software. More importantly it will also delete it. When the tool cannot delete the software immediatly it will suggest to run the test in safe mode or to remove the files at startup. It works rather good.

I’m also going to give you the link to a free antivirus. it’s called AVG… And what I like about it that much is that it doesn’t bother you unless there is something wrong. It updates automatically, it scans whenever you planned it initially and only pops up when you got some sort of a malicious file on your computer.

Now you should be well on your way to have a neat, clean and somewhat faster computer… (or a way to mislead the mister or misses when you’ve been watching… some.. adult.. entertainment ..).

If you have any questions or concerns, let me know. I’ll be glad to help…


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