PS3 saves

As you know I recently got a new PS3 because of my ‘yellow light of death‘. One problem with this is that I lost all of my saves.

I did some research and it appears that you can download PS3 game saves from certain websites. For example from gamefaqs.

You can search any game you like and for PS3 games you have a tab ‘saves’. Here you can find several saves from several people.
Just pick the one you like to use.

Next problem was installing this save game. Once you know how this works, it ain’t so hard.

You will need following things to bring this to a good end:
– A usb stick
– following information

Download any save game from any game you want. This will come in the form of a zip file. Unzip tis file and open explore you USB drive.
Create a folder PS3… Open this folder and create a nex folder SAVEDATA (case sensitive).
Open this folder and copy the folder that came out of the zip file into this SAVEDATA folder.

Plug the USB drive in your PS3 and navigate to the game menu. Open the entry Saved Data Utility (PS3). Normally you should find the name of your USB drive on top of the list of save files. You can open it and there you will find an entry of the save you copied on this drive. If you press X you can choose to copy this.
Copy the files to your current profile.

Tadaaaa… Mission completed. o//


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