Pretty fly for an IT guy, ain’t it Syrah

I got this friend. Female friend actually and she has these weird ideas sometimes. None the less I’m fond of her.
Together we often play mafiawars on facebook (agreed, it’s kind of a crappy game, but kinda fun to pass the time).

Since she’s quite high leveled in that game I often ask her to help me out. Even at this very moment… But ofcourse, everything comes with a price.

In return she wants me to write an article about the hots and nots of IT guys. (for some reason she thinks I’m a geek, wonder why…?)

Well here are a few guidelines for women about IT people…

Not all of them are actuallly “geeks”. Sure, they talk a lot of gibberish when some computer problem turns up but that doesn’t mean they don’t have a life.
Take me for instance, sure I write blogs about fixing computer things and how to assemble your own computer. But I do stuff beyond that, like going for a drink with friends, having late night inspirational conversation and so forth.

That’s point one, don’t call a geek a geek… :P

Secondly, most IT people don’t get to spend time too much with girls or women. So if you want to have them do something for you… Just be pretty, smile and flatter them. They will litteraly melt like ice cream on a sunny day.
And yes.. bewbs are their kryptonite…

Do not, if you treasure your life, EVER engage into a discussion about game strategies or configuring computer systems. It is a battle you will lose, take my word for it. So if you really want to hit on an IT guy, just pretend you understand what he’s saying and reply only with “oooh I see, my that’s interesting”…

What IT guys really dig is that woman know something about technology. Try to do some reading about databases, SQL queries, HTML, hardware… Some basics..
It’s a miracle worker really..

Pay attention to a geek every now and then. They tend to get lonely :'(.

If you are trying to locate me within this group.. I think I’m kind of in the middle, I know some stuff about technology but I have a lot of other interest as well… Not that it matters that I say these kinda things since you won’t believe me anyway :P..

And so the price has been paid…

Forgive me for wasting your precious time


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